5 factors to keep in mind while choosing stair lifts

You may have someone living in your house who is now finding it harder and harder to move about especially up and down stairs and if this is the case then you should consider stair lifts. Having a stairlift in the home can be a big help to someone who has mobility problems. Being not able to move up the stairs can be a restrictive feeling that no one wants to have and therefore such a decision can be a huge boost for the disabled person. 5 factors to keep in mind while choosing such stair lifts are mentioned below-

  1.   Decide what kind of stair lift you need. Most stairs are straight and therefore a simple straight stairlift will do. However, there are houses with curved stairs and they will need curved stairlifts.
  2.   Evaluate the power source you have. If the power is unstable then the stairlift can get stuck midway in case of a power loss. You can choose stair lifts which are helped by a battery.
  3.   Check the weight that a stairlift can carry. Most models support till a weight of 300 pounds.
  4.   Clarify whether the person who will use the stairlift have the controls in their seat or someone else will control it with the help of a remote.
  5.   Make sure that the stairlift provider has warranty on the product. Often stair lift repairs are such a worry that it’s hard to get the perfect solution to this. Deal with a manufacturer who provides you repairing services.

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