Gift someone a new life with Stairlifts

A stairlift is considered as one of the best mechanisms to empower people with restricted mobility. The mechanism is loosely associated with the method of elevating objects using ropes and pulleys. Modern commercial Stairlifts were first introduced by C.C.Crispen around 1920 to help his sick friend get up and down the stairs. The model of that Stairlift has proven to be quite advanced and effective and hasn’t changed much over the years. Let us tell you about how Stairlifts work and how they are empowering people with restricted mobility.

  • What is a Stairlift?

A Stairlift consists of a chair and footrest which can be moved with the help of rollers, up and down a track attached to the chair. This system is used to help people with restricted mobility. A motor powered by a battery in the base of the chair puts it in motion. Stairlifts can be attached to Staircases that are strong enough to hold a chair. They can work both in straight and curved staircases.

  • They are completely safe:

If you have confusion about the safety of the stairlifts then you need not worry because if the system is installed properly under expert supervision then it is safe to use. It should be used properly as well. The motor sensor attached to the chair detects obstacles and stops it immediately after encountering a problem.

  • Gives a feeling of independence:

Think about how people with restricted mobility will feel if they can move up and down the stairs on their own. It gives them a feeling of independence and changes their life completely. Give them that independence today by using regular and curved Stair lifts.

Across Sussex, there are many companies that provide such Stairlifts. Pyramid Lifts Limited is a company with 25 years of experience and is known for its fantastic reputation. Contact them today to give someone a new life.