Why Are Curved Stair Lifts Appropriate For Residential Use

Stair lifts are devices that are mounted on the wall which the primary use of it is to aid people who struggle to walk to get up stairs and down stairs. Not all stairways are straight;there are some stairways which are curved, better known as the curved stair lift. Curved stair lifts are usually costlier than the straight lifts because they have to be specially adapted for the different shape of stair.

Creating a curved staircase involves accurate measurement and custom designing. Selecting curved stair lifts for home use enable you to solve the mobility issues without making any significant changes to the construction. The biggest benefit of curved stair lifts is that they are available in different sizes and design, according to the preference of the customer. Curved stair lifts are designed in such a way that these can be mounted either inside or outside the staircase.

Curved staircases offer proper safety to the users. Curved stair lifts provide a wide range of functions which include obstruction sensors, which automatically detect if there are any stoppages on the track and stop the lift immediately to save the user from any kind of potential injuries and stop the lift from getting damaged. Curved stairlift also provides swivel locks and safety belts in order to ensure optimum security to the users. When you are not using the lift, it can be kept folded.

Moreover, the track of the curved stair lifts is made of steel and aluminum, which offers durability and strength. The curved stair lifts can be used using AC or DC power. Pyramid Lifts Limited, located in Sussex, is an acclaimed and reputed stairlift repair service provider who also provides high-quality stairlift rental services at an affordable cost. For trusted stairlift services, you are suggested to take their advice.