Curved stair lifts- Design and worth comes together!

Stair lifts have helped improve the lives of many people who have reduced mobility due to illness, injury or disability. Yet, curved stair lifts are generally considered a highly expensive option, when it comes to providing access to the disabled. There are two main types of stair lifts – curved ones and the straight lifts – each one designed to fit a particular requirement. Most staircases are either straight up and down or alternatively curved, so a different shaped device will fit each one of these perfectly.

As curved stair lifts have to be made according to the shape of the stairwell, this often requires a lengthy and more expensive process. Straight lifts on the contrary, can generally be fitted fairly rapidly and isn’t that costly either. Furthermore, it is possible to install straight stair lifts on a curved staircase.

One of the main reasons for a curved device which is custom made and put into your property is that it can provide a much more pleasant experience than having two straight lifts placed together. Instead of having to transfer between two lifts on a platform at the centre of the stairs, a curved lift ensures that you can travel up and down at one go.

This can be very beneficial for those with mobility challenges. Although these curved devices are priced higher, these can be perfect investments from a utility perspective.

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