Gift someone a new life with Stairlifts

A Stairlift is considered as one of the best mechanisms to empower people with restricted mobility. The mechanism is loosely associated with the method of elevating objects using ropes and pulleys.


Curved stair lifts- Design and worth comes together!

Stair lifts have helped improve the lives of many people who have reduced mobility due to illness, injury or disability. Yet, curved stair lifts are generally considered a highly expensive option, when it comes to providing access to the disabled. There are two main types of stair lifts – curved ones and the straight lifts … Continue reading “Curved stair lifts- Design and worth comes together!”


Advantages of using stair lifts

For people with mobility issues, stair lift services are the best solution. They help you move around the house freely without anybody’s support. With advanced technology, custom made stair lifts are available in the market for your home use.


Essential tips to select the best professionals for stair lift repairs

When it comes to enhancing the mobility of disabled people, there is nothing better than stair lifts. There are many people who have installed stair lifts in their homes in order to make sure that the members of their family who suffer from mobility issues can get upstairs easily.


Top benefits of installing a stair lift in your home:

Does your home have a staircase that causes you pain and discomfort as you climb it? You can avoid suffering further by installing a stair lift in your home.

Stair Lift Services Sussex

5 factors to keep in mind while choosing stair lifts

You may have someone living in your house who is now finding it harder and harder to move about especially up and down stairs and if this is the case then you should consider stair lifts. Having a stairlift in the home can be a big help to someone who has mobility problems. Being not able to move up the stairs can be a restrictive feeling that no one wants to have and therefore such a decision can be a huge boost for the disabled person.


Why stairlift rental hire services can be beneficial for you

Not every person is financially stable and can afford to install a permanent stairlift at home. At times, it can be the case that the purpose of stairlift is temporary and therefore it is useless to make a fulltime financial commitment by investment in it. Having a stairlift is essential when someone is challenged for … Continue reading “Why stairlift rental hire services can be beneficial for you”


Why Are Curved Stair Lifts Appropriate For Residential Use

Stair lifts are devices that are mounted on the wall which the primary use of it is to aid people who struggle to walk to get up stairs and down stairs. Not all stairways are straight;there are some stairways which are curved, better known as the curved stair lift. Curved stair lifts are usually costlier … Continue reading “Why Are Curved Stair Lifts Appropriate For Residential Use”


What Are The Things To Consider With Home Stair Lifts?

When you start looking for stair lifts in and around Sussex, you’ll be left with various options. Instead of telling you all of the options it is always good to know what can help you to install a new stair lift from Pyramid Lift Services.


What Are the Tips to Care for Your Stair lift?

If you have stair lift at your house, you will need to make sure that it is maintained properly. In Sussex we have few tips from Pyramid Lifts to keep your stair lift running smooth for years.

Stairlift Services Sussex

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